Thursday, April 24, 2014

Benefit Sugarlicious Lip and Cheek Kit

Want to Achieve that natural looking glow?

This Kit may be the answer to your everyday dilemmas.

at the back of the box

Travel friendly packaging! It even has a mirror inside. Love!

Here's what you'll get inside:

Benetint (cheek tint) and High beam (highlighter)

Sugarbomb (powder blush)

Sugarbomb lip gloss

blush brush


swatch of the blush on my left cheek:

Benetint gives the right amount of color on your cheeks. It looked natural on me. Yey for that! You can use it alone or finish it off with the sugarbomb powder blush. But as for me, the tint is enough, Oh and it doesn't feel sticky at all! Another plus!

On the other hand, I tried applying benetint on my lips and the color just fades. Its less pigmented and doesn't show at all unlike on my cheeks. Anyway, this doesn't stop me from liking it. I love that it stays put the whole day and I don't need to retouch my blush at the end of the night. Yup! the color stays with me until night time. It doesn't get off until I had to wash my face. I am definitely getting a full bottle as soon as I'm done with this! 

Highlighter swatch:

high beam swatch on my arm under natural light:

High beam is a good highlighter as well, but I already gave my heart to -The Balm's  Mary-lou Manizer. (Just click the link if you haven't read my post on that yet.) If I hadn't tried that one, I think I'll settle for this. ;)

Sugarbomb Lip gloss swatch:
It's a nice shade of nude. 

There's also an illustration inside the box. Just in case you have no idea on what to put first or where to apply certain stuff. These pictures will show you how its done.

This is a travel friendly Kit. Its perfect for your weekend get-away! At least you don't need to carry around full bottles.

Getting this kit, is an inexpensive way of trying out Benefit's products at once. 

Till then, Mwah! 

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