Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Skin Brush 'Em Off Girl!

Happy Skin Make Up Brush Set

So I've been wanting to review this brush set since last month when I got them, but I didn't had the chance to, because I was sick. And if you guys were wondering, I had the Christmas flu. Anyway, enough about me, and on to the review.

This is what's inside the box. A cute aqua bag, which doubles as a make up bag.

According to Happy Skin: This 8-piece brush set is created from the softest man made bristles. - Well I couldn't agree more!

so dainty! I love looking at them!

each brush has its individual brush sleeves to keep them in perfect shape.

I also like the spacious make up kit!

Wondering what those brushes are for? Just look at the back of the box. It's labeled one by one. 

A closer look at the brushes without the sleeves:

I just love looking at them. I couldn't bring myself to use them at first but when I did, I was really happy. Glad I bought them. The brushes are very soft. 

Want to see the rest of the set?

1st is the Flat Top Brush:

Flat Top Brush
- Works just like my favorite Tony Moly Flat top brush. An all around brush that can be used on powder, cream and liquid foundations. 

Next is the Powder Brush:

Powder Brush
- Works well on loose powders and foundations. You can also use this to buff off excess powder and blushes.

3rd is the Liquid Foundation Brush:

Liquid Foundation Brush
- Applies liquid and cream foundations smoothly. I also tried using this on my BB cream and it gets the job done. 

4th is the Blush Brush:

Blush Brush
- An angled blush brush  for your lovely blushes and bronzers. You can also use this to contour your face. The tapered edge of this brush is perfect for highlighting the tip of your nose.

5th is the Concealer Brush:

Concealer Brush
- Problem with dark eye bags? Acne marks or blemishes? See them disappear with just one stroke. Of course with the help of a powerful concealer that is.

6th- The Eye Shadow Brush:

Eye Shadow Brush
- The softest I had tried so far. I love using this one on my lids. It doesn't hurt a bit. I also use this to blend harsh eye shadow lines.

7th- Brow and Eye Liner Brush:

Brow and Eye Liner Brush
- As the name suggests it can be used both on your eye brows and water lines. The size of this brush is just perfect for filling in your brows.

8th is the Lip Brush:

Lip Brush
- Want a perfect pout? This brush can do wonders on your lips. With just a sweep you can achieve that gorgeous shaped lips.

How much?
For all eight brushes plus the spacious bag,  I think it's one's a good buy!

This travel friendly brush set is just adorable. I was hesitant at first to use it because I don't want to stain the bristles, but then again, it made me think, at least now I can see when It needs a little cleaning or not.

So what do you guys think?

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