Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tony Moly Professional Circle Foundation Brush Review

When I saw this brush in Tony Moly, I fell in love. Really! *sigh* is there a brush at first sight? lol. Anyway, I tried it first of course and it was really soft. I like the feel of its bristles against my cheeks and forehead. And when I saw the price, I didn't let go. for only P500+ it does what my favorite foundation brush can do. And its just 1/4 of the price. 

It's a flat top brush. it's very very soft but dense. It tends to be a bit fluffy at times but it spreads your foundation evenly. 

I love using it with my BB cream. I think it works best with liquid and cream foundations, but mind you, this brush can also do wonders with your powder foundations.

For the size, it's a bit smaller compared to other foundation brushes that I have and I like that. It's travel friendly and I don't mind bringing it with me all the time.

You can also use this to buff excess powder or blend blushes.
       I never had a problem washing this, it doesn't shed nor bled. No funky     smell either. Some brushes have that certain smell. 

      All in all, for it's price, size and all over function this one exceeds expectations. Too bad it's always sold out, I was just lucky enough to get the last piece when I visited Tony Moly store in SM Manila. So here's a tip, if you ever saw one, don't let go. 

     Till then, Mwah!


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