Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tony Moly Coloring BrowCara Review

Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring BrowCara

It's a brow mascara. It looks like your regular mascara but instead of putting it on your lashes, you put this one on your eyebrows.

I got this shade because it's much closer to my hair color.

What I love about this:

- It's very easy to apply and saves you time rather than lining your brows again and again.
- For me it looks more natural, unlike  eyebrow pencils. 
- It tames unruly brows. Thanks to its brush like wand.
- It fills in sparse areas in your brows.
- It has a creamy texture and dries off easily.
  -For me, It’s better than brow dye, At least now you can change your eyebrow color anytime you want without going to the salon. It’s cheaper and a better alternative as it’s washable and safe for every day use. ;)
 - Lasts long. No need to retouch. It stays put until you wash it with soap and water.
- Very affordable and costs around P345. Pesos each.

Now let's compare it to Majolica Majorca and Etude House's Brow Mascaras:

Here's a closer look at the wands:
See the difference of the brush? Tony Moly on the left and Majolica Majorca on the right.

Etude House's Color My Brows

Majolica Majorca's wand is thinner compared to Etude, the color is different too. I love the shape of Tony Moly's brush better than these two. 

I have a habit of plucking my eyebrows from time to time and it tends to appear thinner every time. This one saves the day by filling them in perfectly. 

Now on to the Swatches:
l-r: Tony Moly Browcara, Majolica Majorca Lash Colorist and Etude House's Color my brows.

When it comes to vibrancy and color pay off, these three just passed the test. I think the texture is one and the same. The only difference is the price. Etude House's and Tony Moly's are slightly cheaper compared to Majolica Majorca's. The shades are different too. Be sure to choose one that's closer to your hair color.

This is how it look like on me:

I really like the color. It's slightly lighter than my hair color. Not too light nor too dark. Just right. I love it!

Now let's test it with water.
under running water and  slight rubbing with soap.
(l-r: Tony Moly, Majolica Majorca and Etude House)
Well, as you can see, Tony Moly's withstand the soap and water test. Need I say more?

As for the color, the wand and the price, Tony Moly's browcara is the "One" for me. I'm glad I found my eyebrow's holy grail. Not sure though until when this tube lasts.

So what do you think? 

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