Sunday, October 27, 2013

Movie Stars Cafe

Me and Spidey

I have so many backlogs and I don't know what to post first. These photos were taken I think, weeks ago, before I even got the MAC Riri collection, the reason I posted that first, was because I was so excited to share it with you guys that I almost forgot about these.

Anyway, I went back to Movie Stars Cafe and brought my friend Joey along with me. We needed to catch up and celebrate her birthday and this place was our first choice. ;)

Joey and Darth Vader

Step Up Revolution Show

Aladdin show

We were able to watch 3 shows that night; Step Up Revolution, Barbie and Aladdin. They have shows every night, and you might want to check them out. But wait, if you come in group its best to call them first to reserve a table. 

Check out their Facebook fan page to learn more. Movie Stars Cafe Facebook Account.

Till then, Mwah!


  1. I' ve been there before and the place was very entertaining.

  2. Look like a fun place to be, very entertaining :)