Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sizzling Weekend

It was my late grandmother's birthday last Saturday, so we decided to spend the weekend at my Mom's place. I, together with my siblings dropped by at Manila Memorial Park in Dasmarinas to visit  my beloved lola's tomb. We miss her a lot! ;(

After saying a little prayer, we went ahead and had a little R&R in Tagaytay.

All the photos below were taken at Bali Seafood Restaurant:

My mom and Bella

Wondering how I came up with the title "Sizzling Weekend?" Well it's because of this!

One of my favorite dish. Sizzling Sisig!

Next to baked scallops or baked mussels, I always look for sisig, when dining in Tagaytay. ;)


3 Generations! My Mom, my twin sister Cherry, Me and Bella.

My sister Cherry and my Mom

Till then, Mwah!


  1. awwwww. very sweet of you to visit her. and you look gorgeous in the photos, as did your Grandmother.