Sunday, March 24, 2013

Moving Up!

Bella loves chocolate!

Daddy and Bella 

with lolay

Yesterday was Bella's moving up ceremony in school. I'm glad her first school year ended up quite well than I expected. We were very proud of her. She was a straight A student, in fact her lowest grade was A for Math, lol. and the others were A+. Sorry to brag about it, but I couldn't help but be happy and be proud of her. Oh the joys of being a mom. ;)

Bella's gold medal and awards 


  1. awww, your daughter is such a beauty, congrats!
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  2. ay dalaga na agad ano ba yan... sobrang napag iiwanan na ko... (inggit much)

    1. Di naman. Pwede pa humabol, you're still young Go, go, go! ;)