Wednesday, March 6, 2013

College BFF's

Last Saturday I went out to see some of my college BFF's.

From Gerry's Grill we went to Giligans to have dinner and drink a little. I only meet up with my friends once in awhile. That's about once or twice a year! hahaha. I don't go out a lot, except with family. But hey I do go out to watch a movie every now and then. That's my guilty pleasure. Anyway enough of my ramblings.

This is Sonny and Mona

Two of my bff's back in College. I haven't seen these two since then. 

I felt "recharged" after seeing them. hahaha. I can't find a perfect word other than that. And yes, it was a fun night. So how, about you, how was your weekend? Till then... Mwah!

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