Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post Christmas Get Together with Friends

Two days before the year ends, my friends and I decided to meet up for our post Christmas get together. We bonded over food and a few strawberry Margaritas.

Marga, Keechee, Me and My sister Cherry

Aya, Marga and Keech

Aya, Keech, Me and Cherry

We had a "super" late lunch in Buffet 101 in Robinson's Magnolia then head out to Morato to grab a few drinks. 

There are a lot of things I should be thankful about for the past years, My life is not perfect but I'm happy and contented with it. I feel so blessed with everything I have in my life now right now, but of course, it wouldn't be complete without having real friends to share it with right? 

I do wish 2013 would be a better year for all of us. Happy 2013 Everyone!


  1. You all look great! I love the colors that you're all wearing. Was that planned? :)

  2. Hi Wonder Woman, it was just a coincidence that we were all wearing bright colors. ;) Anyway, thanks for reading.

    Happy new year! Mwah!