Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party

HIP TV Christmas Party 2012

l-r: Kuya Gerry, Arvy, Sam, Merlyn, Me and Jojie

Ms. Hilda, Russel, and Grel

Our Editor, Sam and Cameraman Jojie

Ms. Hilda, Arvy, Me and Grel

Last night was our Company Christmas Party. I was having second thoughts whether to attend or not because it was Bella's Christmas presentation in school as well, but then, last minute, I changed my mind and went on with my party, leaving Bella to my hubby and his mom. Good thing I attended because I won the grand raffle prize, which is a Sony Bravia flat screen TV and took home a lot of minor prizes. I wasn't feeling lucky yesterday but still, I went home feeling like I won the lottery. Hahaha I know its not that much but I was really feeling bad yesterday for missing Bella's dance performance. Good thing hubby took a lot of photos so I  was able to see a glimpse of what transpired that afternoon.

Until now, I still can't believe I won. Lol. It felt like Christmas already. Anyway, Advance Merry Christmas to all! Mwah!

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