Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anak TV Awards

Our TV Program Biyaheng Langit which airs over IBC 13 every Thursday was once again awarded the Anak TV Seal.

From Anak TV website:

Similar to a seal of good housekeeping, the ANAK TV SEAL is a national award bestowed by various stakeholders (including parents, educators, business and media people, government, media, NGOs, the religious sector an youth) on TV programs airing on Philippine television, (whether locally produced or not) which they think are child-sensitive.  The criteria used are as diverse as the disciplines represented in the multi-sectoral jury.
A Primary Level Jury composed of over 3,000 jurors screens the entries employing flexible guidelines.  These judging sessions are held all over the country from February to October.  The Secondary Level Jury, where the qualified entrants are elevated to, scrutinizes the programs from various vantage points such as the moral slant, artistic merit, educational content, cultural relevance and others.

Entries that receive the Secondary Jury’s nod in the final round are then endorsed to the board of the SEAFCTV (composed of network presidents and general managers), which formally declares the chosen entries as winners of the ANAK TV SEAL.  The seal can now be displayed during the airing of the program as a guide to parents and educators that the program has been screened not just by the industry or a government institution but by the a thick layer of stakeholders, not only in Metro Manila but nationwide.
It is hoped that teachers and parents will rally behind the chosen programs, encouraging children to view them, increasing popular viewership, which will hopefully translate to better revenues for such responsibly-made programs.

The ANAK TV SEAL, the seal of family-friendly programs, is unprecedented in Southeast Asian television history.  It is envisioned that other countries, with TV industries suffering similar challenges as the Philippines, will follow suit and create their own national juries to protect children from smut, inanities media violence, cultural decay and crass commercialism.  In 2000, there were only 15 winners.  By 2002, the number had already risen to 29 ANAK TV SEAL winners.  In 2003, a bumper harvest of 45 programs were declared family friendly.  In 2004, 55 programs were given the Anak TV Seal.  The number increased to 71 in 2005; 87 in 2006; 94 in 2007, 91 programs in 2008.  The seals are distributed every year during ceremonies in December.

Me and Grel

Our Program Hosts: Jr Langit and Rey Langit

We are really grateful to be a part of this wonderful event. I for one, consider it as an early Christmas gift. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and most of all, I thank the Lord above for this award.

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