Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY: Designing Tinkerbell's Costume for Halloween

I know this is a day late, but let me show you how I did Bella's Tinkerbell costume...

The key piece here... Sequins!

As you can see on the left photo, the dress looked too simple. On the right- I added a few sequins (dark green sequins) to give it a bit of color.

And then I tried adding it with green stones, which I got from a craft store. You can also find one in National Bookstore's scrapbooking section.

After doing the upper part, I started putting sequins on the lower part of the dress.

Initially, I just wanted to put sequins on the hem of the dress, but then decided to make it look like a leaf instead.

I made a leaf like pattern for me to trace and sew on.

back part still unfinished...

almost done...

And now, here's the finished product:

Now, on to the Wings!

Since her dress is more on the green side, for her wings I added a splash of color. Her wings were just hand painted and from afar you can barely see the design, so I added sequins on it and bring the butterfly back to life.

And Voila!

The one on the middle is just a sticker.

So there you go. With just buttons, sequins and your imagination, I guess you can do a lot of things. Hope you like it. Till then, Mwah!

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  1. That's creative. I like what you did with the wings! :)