Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Top 3 Picks: Hot Pink Lipsticks Edition

NARS Schiap, MAC Quick Sizzle and MAC Petals and Peacocks

(under natural light)

(with flash)

If you frequent this blog you'll know for sure how much I love Pink Lipsticks. These are my top 3 Picks, when it comes to vibrancy and consistency of the color. These three exceeded my expectations. They last long more than any other lipsticks I have tried.

After washing them with soap and water:

note: I rubbed them with soap under running water and still the color is there!

If you're lazy as I am to retouch especially if you're out in public, these 3 lipsticks are my bet!

If you want to read my posts on these just click the link below:

Till then, Mwah!


  1. Love your picks! We have the NARS Shiap and MAC Petals and Peacocks too! ♥

  2. Of course I spelled the Schiap wrong on the first comments. haha! Sorry! :P

    1. Hi Peachy Pink Sisters, nice noh? I'm sure you'll also love the quick sizzle :)

  3. omg your blog is so cute!! really love it xoxo

  4. bummed to be missing out on the petals and peacocks lippie.:(
    it looks fab!

  5. followed you already :-) mmmua! :-)