Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls

Feeling unlucky lately? You might need one of these...

Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls!

According to Voodyland these are lucky charms which are meant to inspire you to achieve your dreams. They will hang around you to remind you of your goals, dreams and aspirations.

These are handmade by the way, so each piece is unique.

Need luck in love? Maybe this will help:

The love starter voodoo doll! 

Check out the other dolls!

Gypsy Voodoo Doll

The Belly Dancer

The Rascal

The Little Devil

The Witch

The Punk

These are just 7 of their designs, did you know that they have 50!

Check out Voodyland.com for more info on these adorable dolls!

I say these are perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones. Instead of saying it verbally, why not give one, so every time they look at it they'll be reminded of your good wishes for them.

The Lucky string doll might not do the magic trick, but I tell you having them with you is a constant reminder that Hope do exist! Might as well remind the Universe you needed that extra luck right? And who knows, everything might work out exactly the way you want it to be.

Check them out on these stores:
Mental Clothing Shops
Clipper Gift Shops
and National Bookstore


  1. oooh~ they are so cute!! love them ^_^~

  2. Hi Janet, you should get one now! :)