Friday, April 13, 2012

Singapore Trip Part 5: Orchard Road

From our hotel in Marina Bay, we took the tram going to Orchard Road. But before that we passed along a shopping Mall which is called Shoppes at Marina Bay. This is literally below the Hotel.

We rode an escalator down and this is what greeted us:

Its a huge Mall down under! lol!

Hubby while waiting at the station

stop over at Etude House

And finally at Orchard Road!

Hello there H&M I've walked a long mile for you!

I just had to stop here!

This is the only picture I had inside the store. I was busy looking around to take another photo. hahaha

And so, I left with these...

By the time we went out, its already dark.

It took us almost 3 hours inside the store. Well, you really can't blame us, the store is huge! It has 3 floors and you have to fall in a very long line just to get in their fitting rooms. Oh well, at least I'm happy with my purchases. ;) 

More pictures coming up... Till then. Mwah!

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  2. ahhH! I loved the H&M hauls! ^_^~

  3. woot! I miss orchard road! i can walk up and down orchard road without getting too tired LOL
    unlike a simple stroll to Podium coming from robinson's gale hahaha