Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wearing: Lineage Couture

I recently got this bag from Lineage Couture

Cream and gold looks good together don't you think?

From Lineage Couture site: The bag comes with a long chain that doubles as a shoulder bag and a messenger bag. With Zipper design in front and genuine leather material with gold hardware.

I really love the color combo, the leather part is just a bonus! 

You can also choose from these colors:

Camel Brown

and Black

So if you love bags just like I do, check out Lineage Couture on facebook. ;)

Here are some of my picks:

Oh and you might want to check out their clothes too:

Click here to go directly to the site!


  1. OMG! I really love the red orange bag - how much does a bag like that cost?

    1. Hi Karen, its very affordable. Only P790 php. ;) check out their site for more info ;) Happy shopping. ;)