Saturday, March 31, 2012

Singapore Trip Part 1: City Tour

Here are some of the photos from our recent trip to Singapore. 

Warning: Pictures galore!

Inside Changi Airport ;)

Before going to our hotel, we decided to grab lunch first. Our tour guide brought us to the nearest restaurant we could find. They told us they had the best Singaporean Chili Crabs there.

the famous Singaporean Chili Crabs ;)

Garlic Prawns (I'm not sure what's it called here, but its really good.)

After having lunch we had a little tour around the city...

Behind me, you can see the two most visited sights in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Merlion.

Hubby and I (doing our "turista" pose. hahaha)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This is where we stayed. I'm glad I've experienced first hand how it feels to be on top of that hotel. They call it the Sky Park. I'll make a separate post on that soon. ;)

After having a quick tour around the city, we visited the Chocolate Gallery.

So many odd Chocolate flavors there. Including these...

Durian Chocolate

Hubby liked this one, I dont!

We got one, and my dear hubby could not wait to taste it. He opened the box on the store and ate it, well not all of course. the moment we hopped on the bus, they can tell we have it.  No offense but I really don't like the smell. He even tried to cover up the smell by putting it on a zip lock bag. Good thing we brought one. Zip lock bags are really handy. Especially on times like this. lol.

Tomato Chocolate

Vegetarian chocolates, anyone?

and more chocolates!

After this, we headed straight to our hotel...

Marina Bay Sands Hotel lobby, waiting for our room.

A closer look on the ceiling, gorgeous isn't it?

I'll give you a peek of our hotel room tomorrow. Till then... Mwah!


  1. i super miss Sg, specially Changi's Duty free LOL.