Friday, February 17, 2012

Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation

I came across this foundation, three years ago. Back then, the colors were limited and the brush that came with it was too stiff. I remember throwing the brush away because its no use. It's small and it hurts every time I try to use it. The powder however is a different story.

I love the powder to bits even if the shade that I got was darker than my usual tone. I remember using it every single day. I heard lots of rants against the powder itself, but I didn't care because for me its one of the greatest if not the best. I only stopped using it because I was waiting and wishing for a lighter shade. And then other brands like Etude House came out. Of course being the cosmetic junkie that I am, I wanted to try new things every now and then.

And just recently while I was passing by Watsons I noticed that they already have new shades. Lighter shades that is!

And the brush that comes with it has a new packaging too.

It comes with a small pouch.

And the brush itself is soft unlike the first one from their old stocks. But still, I prefer using it with my everyday minerals kabuki brush, just because its bigger and softer. 

And now, I rekindled an old flame and decided to use it again. I am happy with the coverage. I usually use it to set my Liole Water Drop BB Cream and I can say its perfect. On lighter days, I use it alone with just sunblock or moisturizer underneath.

And the price?

It's very affordable. I recommend this to students and to those who are just starting on their make up kits.

Tip: For best results, always use a moisturizer or sunblock prior to powder application.

and now, on me:

Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation
MAC Studio Finish Concealer -used on under eyes
MAC Peek At you eyeshadow
Elf Cream Liner -used to line the upper lash line
Etude House Color my brows - used on eyebrows

And here's my outfit of the day:

Till then... Mwah!


  1. This was my first mineral make up that I bought and I fell in love with it asap and I have to agree the shades are very limited back then. I would definitely try to use it again. :) Btw, your necklace is really cute!♥

  2. yeh, they say the maybelline did justice to the mineral craze ;-) i love the blushes though, dead ringer for the orgasm, as in!

    1. Hi Marge, I haven't tried their blushes pa, will look at it soon. ;)

  3. Oooo I wanna try this! :)

    1. Hi WonderWoman, you should try this one. ;)