Monday, November 21, 2011

Organizing Your Belts

I bought this one in Landmark Makati the other day, I was looking for these for a very long time, and I'm glad I found one now. It's cheap for only P69.00 php., you can kiss your clutter goodbye!

I also got one in gray.

The cream one (above) has 24 partitions, while this one only has 16, but its bigger compared to the other.

This is how it looked like with my belts inside

I placed my bigger belts here:

What's good about this is- you can also use this as your undies organizer...

Well that's it. I wanted to go back and get some more... Till then... Mwah!


  1. Wow! Nice organizer. =)

    And you have a lot of belts. =D

  2. your belt collection is awesome! I should try this for my scarves!

    btw join my giveaway if you have time! :)

  3. Hi the girlie blogger, I used to do that before and I always could not find what I was looking for. I'm so glad I have this now. it looks neat. ;)

    Thanks Aizel ;)

    Hi The perpetrator, thanks. Initially I wanted to put my scarves there but I wanted some of them wrinkle free so I just left them hanging at the back of my closet ;)