Saturday, October 8, 2011


MAC Lipstick in Morange

Morange Swatch

MAC Morange compared to NYX in Haute Melon

Swatch: NYX Haute Melon - MAC Morange

On me:

This is one bold orange color, unlike any other orange lipsticks that I've tried, (see my post here, ) Morange for me is the real thing- that is if you're looking for the right Orange lipstick.

Just by looking at the tube, the color screams. It's not the type that you would usually wear, but for those days when you want to add extra oomph to your everyday neutral look, this lippie is a great alternative. Especially when you're too lazy to fix your hair or do your make up, Morange will instantly brighten up your face.

Morange on my lips:

Till then... Mwah!


  1. Very pretty! You should wear orange more often!

  2. nice one, sis. a healthy looking orange lippie ^_^

  3. whoa! such a standout color..i don't think i can dare to wear it but you look awesome in it!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. Even if you wear bright red, orange or pink lipstick, they all look good on you! because you have such a gorgeous face :D

  5. i like it! i like the NYX melon too! so pretty!

  6. the orange lips look incredible on u!

  7. Hi Jamilla, thanks. I'm using it every single day. I love the color ;)

    Thanks Marge ;)

    Thank you Gizelle ;)

  8. Hi Mestizay, you should try Morange, I bet it looks good on you! ;)