Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clinique Color Palette

The palette itself is Luxe. I really love the packaging, its hip and sleek and it doesn't look cheap.

It includes two eye shadows and a blush  housed in a silver metallic case that doubles as a mirror. The only downside is- the case can get a bit dirty due to finger prints, but you can easily wipe the dirt away with a tissue or a cloth.

 Eyeshadow Duo in Frosted Blossom and Chocolate Chip

The colors are a bit sheer. For this palette, eye primers are a must have.

Frosted Blossom and Chocolate Chip Swatch
 Swatches (with flash)

(In natural light)

As for the blush, the color is just right to give you that hint of pink on your cheeks. 

Blush in Iced Lotus

Swatch of Iced Lotus (Blush) on my arm:

And  on my cheeks:
I'm not sure if you can see it in the photo, but as I've said it gives just the right amount of pink on my cheeks. Love that it looks natural on me. ;)

Frosted Blossom eyeshadow on my eyes:

This is a travel friendly palette, perfect for every day use. If you are on your teens and just starting on your make up kit. For me, this palette is a must have. 

And for those who would not want to look too made up in the office, this one is perfect for you too.

I am one happy camper ;)


  1. Loving palettes too! I agree that they are travel-friendly and won't eat too much space on your bag. Pretty!

  2. the palette look so pretty!!! thanks for review :D
    love your makeup..very fresh and pretty ^_^

  3. You look really gorgeous in those colours!

  4. this is a great travel buddy ;-) looks so natural on your complexion, too <3

  5. Thank You Pammy ;)

    Thanks Nisa ;)

  6. Thank you Jamilla ;)

    Hi Marge, Thanks ;)