Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NYX Round Lipstick in Hot Pink

On my lips: (with flash)

without flash:

NYX Hot Pink compared to NARS Schiap:

NYX Hot Pink compared to MAC Strayin' (Hello Kitty)

MAC Strayin has a lot of shimmer, but I think they are from the same family, if not for the shimmer, the colors are almost the same.

MAC Pink Nouveau compared to NYX Hot Pink:

MAC Pink Nouveau is lighter compared to NYX Hot Pink

MAC Hello Kitty Strayin vs. NYX Hot Pink vs. MAC Petals & Peacocks
From the photo you can actually see the difference. MAC Petals & Peacocks looks darker and more purplish compared to the two.

MAC Strayin vs. NYX Hot Pink vs. NARS Schiap

They may look the same on the tube but trust me, they are not the same when applied on my lips. For instance, NYX Hot Pink and NARS Schiap looks almost the same on the tube and when swatched on my arm but the thing is, I have to swipe it (NYX Hot Pink) 3-4 times so the color will show, while I only need to do one swipe with NARS Schiap.

On me:

I love that it doesn't dry my lips and compared to NARS it is very much affordable. You can actually buy 7 NYX round lipsticks with the price of 1- ONE NARS. lol.

Though the color may be a perfect dupe for NARS Schiap, the coverage and finish will tell you otherwise, NARS Schiap is matte, while NYX Hot Pink is more on the creamy or satin side. So as much as you would want it to last the whole day, it will not. You will have to apply it every now and then- just like any other NYX round lipsticks.

But of course, who would not want to have a NARS Schiap dupe? With the fraction of the price, it wouldn't hurt right?

Oh and did I say its also-almost the same with the infamous MAC Pink Nouveau? I said almost ok? Hahahaha you should try it, and see for yourself. The color may vary from one person to the other though. 

All in all I think, its perfect if you are looking for a NARS dupe. Good thing it's now available here in the Philippines. For all your NYX needs go to Digital Traincase.

So what's your favorite Pink Lipstick?


  1. Nice dupe nga! Too bad, I am not really a fan of NYX lipsticks.

  2. You look super in hot pink! I'm more of a NARS girl myself.

  3. Really helpful swatches. Thanks! I think that Milani Rose Hip looks like these, as well.

  4. 0.0 pink overload!! love the shade on you :D

  5. sis super like ko ang collection mo. can u share it to me? hahaha.. i miss u.

  6. Hi Bec with your nars lipstick collection I dont think you need a dupe. :) I love your nars collection super!!! :)

    Hi Jamilla, NARS is a good and trusted brand the color & the coverage are way better than any other brands I know, the price is the only thing that keeps me away from it. Lol.

  7. Hi Nikki, thanks for the info too bad Milani products are not available locally. I want to try it too. :)

    Hi Locke, thanks :)

  8. @christie, I miss you too sis. You're on blogger na? Kita nman tayo minsan! :)

  9. You look GREAT in pink. Both lipsticks suit your color well.

  10. oh my!!! ang ganda!!! True HOT pink talaga

  11. Hi Charry! I love the pink color on you so much! It really compliments your skin complexion. I'd think twice to wear this color, but you look stunning. The neck piece complimented everything! -Mar

  12. Thank you the girlie blog ;)

    Hi Nikki, bili na! ;)

    Thank you Lipgloss gossip! ;)

  13. Hi Mar, thank you very much for those sweet words, keep on reading! ;)