Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MAC Peek At You

MAC Peek At You Mega Metal Shadow

This is from the MAC Peacocky Collection.

This one is huge compared to normal MAC eye shadows.

Here it is side by side with Nylon Eyeshadow

(normal light)

 (with flash) 


Its sheer and you can barely see it without the primer. I guess that's the reason behind its name "Peek At You."

Peek At You Compared to Nylon and Rite of Spring

And now on my lids:

Peek At You applied on top of Chilled on Ice Paint Pot

Products used on face: 
Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock (used as primer and base)

Till then. Hope you like it... Ciao!


  1. nice on you ;-) it sorta reminds me of stila's kitten, well sorta ;-)

  2. Ooohhhh!! You're totally right! Maybe that's why it's called what it is! :)


    PS- We're having a clearance sale! Check it out at MeTime Manila

  3. Thanks Marge, haven't tried the infamous Stila Kitten yet... Will have to check it out soon. ;)

  4. Hi Michelle, will go to your site now na! ;)