Friday, June 17, 2011

Lips of the Day: NYX's Haute Melon

Products used:
1. Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock SPF 50
2. MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation
3. NARS Orgasm
4. MAC Studio Finish Concealer
5. MAC Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice
6. MAC Peek At You Eyeshadow
7. NYX Caribbean Palette (orange color only)
8. MAC Brow Shadow
9. San San Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Till Then...


  1. i'm so in love with the color! makabili nga nyan! hehe

  2. i love the color! i love NYX!
    It's just so rare to find it here in phil.

  3. Hi Crystal, the color is very pretty talaga ;) Its a dupe for etude tangerine #13. I'll make a post about it soon. ;)

    Hi Mestizay, Im sure it will look good on you too! ;)

    Hi Michelle, ang cute ng shade noh? I heard digital traincase is having a sale. Go check it out now. ;)

  4. It looks good on you!!! You can sport any lipstick shade Charry, ah. Nice :D

  5. Thanks Aya, you should try it too. :)

  6. this is such a sweet, pretty shade.. it looks perfect on your porcelain skin. :)

  7. Thanks Karla, I'm sure you can sport it too! :)

  8. i love your skin, its so flawless.

  9. fantastic shade, huhuhu etude's vip fr the tangerine collection # 205 [which you have] has not returned to the shelves yet. LOL it's a must have talaga. LOL my tangerine collection, as much as it is, is still not complete hahaha

  10. hi charry! this looks so pretty and its suits ur skintone =)

  11. Thank You Aringkingking ;)

    @ Marge, sayang ;( baka mag re-stock naman sila ulit nun? Sayang nga nung binili ko yung tangerine lippie, hindi sale, regular price pa rin. ;(

  12. so pretty! the shade looks great on you! i'm gonna buy this one on my next nyx purchase :D

  13. Hi Locke, yes I think you should it suits your skin tone. ;)