Monday, May 30, 2011

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

 it comes with a sponge applicator found at the bottom part of the compact.

swatch on my arm:
I swatch it 4X for the color to show up in photos

- Good coverage
-Lasts for hours, no need to touch up (for me)- that is if you stay in an air conditioned room.
-It's lightweight compared to the studio fix fluid foundation
-Easily absorbed by the skin
-does not cake
-doesn't give me that white faced look 
-Can be applied with both sponge and brush
-Touching up is easy because of its mirror

-The price. It costs around P1,700 each or $38. USD (more or less). Other than that, NONE.

Tip: It would be cheaper to buy MAC Cosmetics in Duty Free Philippines. Or you can find one in 

Studio Perfect Compared to Studio Fix Foundation:

Honestly I don't see that much difference in both foundations when it comes to coverage, the only thing that differs for me is the price. Studio Perfect foundations costs more- than  Studio Fix Foundations.

Oh and the case- Studio Perfect is refillable as for the studio fix, its not. But mind you, the refill itself is expensive than Studio fix powders, so I suggest you get the studio fix instead. But then again, that's just me, if you still want to try Studio Perfect, you can get one and see for yourself. lol.


On me: MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC 25

Eye of the day:
Products used on Eyes:
MAC Studio Finish Concealer (used on under eye area)
Elf Liquid Eye liner in Coffee
In2It Balloon Mascara (used on lashes)
MAC Brow Shadow (used to groom my eye brows)

Till then...


  1. looks flawless on you ;-) yeah it is pricey better talaga without tax hahaha hello duty free ^_^

  2. Hi Marge yup that's why I love duty free! Grabe kasi mag mark up ng price Ang rustans. Lol.

  3. I agree with Marge. You look flawless :D The fact that the refill is more expensive than the not-refill interests me. Hahaha

  4. Hi Jamilla, welcome back! ;)

    Thanks Aya ;)

  5. it definitely looks very natural on you..of course, it's MAC. i should get my hands on these soon. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. it's nice that this stuff works on you. :) but does this oxidize on you? cause it does on me.. plus i would always notice that it makes my face oilier towards the end of my day. i used to love this though hehehe.. have u tried their blot powder?

  7. i love your blog! it's so useful!
    Im no beauty junkie but your blog should be everyone's guide to make up!
    followed you!

  8. Hi Gizelle, its worth a try ;)

    Hi CJ, my skin is naturally dry, maybe that's the reason it doesn't oxidize on me. ;) I haven't tried their blot powder yet. I still have the pressed powder one, when I finish it I'll get the blot powder. So how was it?

  9. Hi Mestizay, glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting. I love your blog too. ;)

  10. blot powder works GREAT on me altho it doesn't give any coverage like the studio fix. blot powder is flat blot powder lol. but like you've said you have dry skin i don't think you'll need the blot powder heehee =)

  11. Thanks for review.Saya sekeluarga ambil yg haq sahaja.Lain2 tiada.Dulu kini dan selamanya.