Monday, April 4, 2011

Duty Free Philippines

My sister and I playing with the huuge chuppa chups!

At the MAC counter

My twin sister and I
cam-whoring! lol

Went home with these from the MAC counter
 Mac Studio Fix Foundation and MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick

 Apparently MAC products are cheaper there.

Leaving you with this M&M photo. till then...


  1. I was about to post that you look like twins. Good thing I scrolled down and yeah, you are twins! You look super cute together. And Bella's becoming a little lady na. :)

  2. Hi Pammy, oo nga ang bilis lumaki ni bella ;)

  3. Ohmygoodness! I've always wanted a twin sister!

  4. Ohhhh cool, you have a twin pala! :D

  5. aww you and your twin sister look so cute! :) hehe.. i want to have twins!

  6. Hi michelle, its like having a best friend, a critic and a sister in one. hahaha.

    Hi Aya, yup I do since birth. lol. ;)

  7. you and your twin look so pretty!! :D i wish to have a twin too! :))

  8. There's something about that huge Chupa Chups you'd long to take a photo together with it! I have a photo taken din! I wonder though if someone really buys that? parang pang photo op lang! hahaha

    I love Duty Free PHilippines, everything's cheaper there especially with the membership card :)

  9. i'm sure you get a lot of this question but what the heck, i will ask again, hehehe, are you girls twins?

  10. Hi Hazel, thank you ;)

    Hi Nikki, OO nga, I wonder kung pano mo kakainin yun? I'm sure at the end of the day di mo pa ubos masakit na yung panga mo. hahaha ;)

    And yup super cheap compared dito sa labas ;)

  11. Hi Cafemobility, yup we're twins. Since birth. hahaha ;)