Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pink Party!

Last Saturday we went to my friends baby shower. She's having a baby girl so, all of us decided to come in Pink, except my hubby who doesn't have -one pink shirt in the closet.lol. Anyway, the party was fab!

 Me and my twin sister Cherry

Our soon to be Atty. Keechee Lorenzo who just passed the bar exam!
Congratulations Keech!

The goodies...

till then...


  1. The party is soooo cute! I loooove the cupcakes! :)

  2. pretty in pink!! :D hehe..im just happy whenever I see pink.:)

  3. omggg you have a twin sister! that is sooo cool! :D and the cupcakes look delish haha.

  4. So nice, I'd love to have my own pink party someday :D

  5. Hi Michelle, the cup cakes tastes good too! ;)

    Hi Jamie, same here- I love seeing pink! ;)

  6. Hi Cj, yup they look and tastes good. Yummy!

    Hi Nikki, I'm sure you'll have a pink party too! ;)