Friday, March 4, 2011

In2It Balloon Brush Mascara

In2it Balloon Brush Mascara

Not your ordinary mascara

The balloon like wand for that extra length and volume

What I like: 
-Its affordable
-small- hence you can bring it with you always
-goes well with small lashes
 - adds volume and color
-available locally

What I don't like:
-you have to wait a few seconds for it to dry
tip: try not to wink after application as it may smudge
The  bottle itself is small. Its almost as big as those sample sized mascaras.
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara (sample size) compared to In2it Mascara

See how small it is compared to Maybelline's Cats Eye Mascara?

Now, on to my lashes...
My bare eye lashes -without mascara
I know! Its almost invisible to the naked eye! lol!

After two coats of In2it Balloon brush Mascara

One coat on my lower lashes

It gives me just the right amount of volume and length I need for everyday use, but for those Special occasions when I need to look my best I think I'll settle for my Maybelline Cat's Eye Mascara.

And since it only costs P299. each I think it wouldn't hurt to give this mascara a try.


  1. Oh the brush is interesting! Will check this out next time I go shopping :)

  2. i hate mascaras that takes forever to dry..LOL!
    i tried the lash xtra mascara from in2it & the drying time is a pain!

    it's interesting that they have mascara wands like this...i guess we have to thank Givenchy-phenomen'eyes for coming up this wand design,ne?

  3. the brush is soooo cute. :)
    too bad it takes time to dry.

  4. i bought one and i haven't tried, good to know it also works with short lashes.can't wait to use it^^ thanks for the review! :D

  5. same here ive never been a fan of mascaras who takes longer than a minute or two to dry.makurap kasi ako hehe.though gsto k siya i try

  6. Hi aya, its cheap naman, its worth a try ;)

    Hi Thiamere, oo nga ang hirap after application.Ginagamit ko to pag di ako nagmamadali ;)

  7. Hi trizh, oo nga I have a love and hate relationship with this one. lol!

    Hi Locke, no problem. Thanks for reading ;)

  8. Hi Shobe, same here. though I find the wand interesting ;)

  9. That mascara want would probably be great for separating my short, stubborn lashes! Nice review and thanks for sharing!

  10. yeh, tried this, it's pretty good, makes me wonder what the givenchy is actually like. LOL. the in2it is kinda clumpy depending if my lashes fought against my lash curler before hand hahaha other than that it's pretty ok. i wanna try the in2it fiber mascara next ☺♥

  11. How come, when I went to Robinson's Department Store, I saw that it was worth Php250?

  12. Hi Popblush, no problem and thanks for reading ;)

  13. Hi Marge, yup I have a love and hate relationship with this mascara. sometimes it clumps and sometimes it does'nt ;)

  14. Hi Michelle baka sale siya that time, i got mine from SM MOA dept. store eh its P299. ;(

  15. wow i must've missed that sale, i got mine at rob gale at PhP299

  16. Hi Marge, yup I missed the sale too ;(

  17. hahaha, sumugod daw ba sa rob gale? LOL well di naman, i was just spending my break period there and simply asked if this particular mascara ever went on sale, the sales girl promptly said no, as it's 1.) a new product and 2.) a limited edition item. so am like, homaygas, limited edition? kaya ayun wala na sya sa shelves and no word if it's comin' back pfffhht, so we're still luck 50 bucks more or not ;-)