Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fontana Weekend Jan. 21-23 2011 (Day 1) The Villa

Our Villa:

The biggest Villa we had so far. It has 5 bedrooms. Each room has its own bath room, bath tub and shower. 1 maids quarters, another toilet on the first floor, 1 conference room on the 2nd floor, 2 living rooms, kitchen, dining room and 2 pools, 1 kiddie pool and the other 1 for adults.

living room (view from the 2nd floor)

 super high ceiling

The pool inside our Villa 

Our Bedroom:

Bathroom (inside our room) 



Face of the day:

 End of Day 1.


  1. hello Cha, cute ng mga kids. Kids enjoyed. You look fresh in pics.

  2. oh wow! i've been to fontana for a makeup gig, but i wasn't able to really look at the villa since i was so busy. glad to know that they have those facilities!

  3. Hi Michelle, yup it is. We all loved it. :)

    Thank you gingersnaps, we all had fun especially the kids ;)

    Hi Crystal, yup we've been to Fontana a couple of times too but it was our first time to stay in those- 2 storey type villas. It was so nice and the rooms are very big :)