Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ponds Flawless White Daily Lotion

The Ponds Promise...

 What I like:
-Its liquid but doesn't give you that sticky feeling.
-no white cast unlike the cream
-easily absorbed by the skin
-nice to use as make up base (If your skin is dry like mine)
-makes my skin soft and smooth
-no allergies or irritation occurred while I was using this for a week
-the pump
-available everywhere

What I don't like:
-the scent
-no SPF 

I love the packaging. No more dipping, unlike the cream

swatch on my hand:

It disappears when blended.

Compared to Ponds Flawless white Cream:


See the difference? Ponds flawless white cream turns into matte, thus leaving  your face with a white cast, while the lotion on the other hand disappears after blending.

Since my skin is usually dry, I prefer using the lotion. And, the pump gives it an added plus!

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