Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friends Wedding + OOTD

The Newly Weds
RV, Sam and I

Me and Sheryl

 My two bosses- Jr Langit and Rey Langit, The Newly Weds, Me and Hubby :)

Me and Sheryl

Hubby, Me, Sheryl and Eric

Outfit of the Day:
 Pink Bondage Dress from Pink Manila

Face of the day:

Me and my curly hair...

I enjoyed being curly even for just half a day. My hair is originally straight and no matter how I try to curl it, it just keeps coming back to its old boring self which is straight. I'm thinking of having it curled permanently but  the hubby won't approve and so does the stylist. He told me, it'll just make my hair dry. ;( I guess I will just have to set it from time to time.

Have a good day everyone!


  1. I also have the same problem with my hair. It's so straight and when I want it curly even for just a few hours, it comes back to being straight.

  2. i love the color and the cut of your dress ♥
    i think jonathan has this hair spray that you spray on first then curl, but isn't heavy, isn't sticky, and your hair would still bouncy like jessica simpson or some other ghel that loves to wear her hair with that kind of beach wave curls ☺

  3. you look so blooming love the dress and the makeup

  4. You're so gorgeous Charry, from the dress and the curls, super love it!!! Same here, my hair is naturally straight and I'm afraid of commitments so I don't perm it & just set it occasionally. But I think that's a better problem. Hihi.

  5. I love the dress.. It looks good on you.. =)

  6. Love the dress ... shows off your curve!

  7. Hi Maria, glad Im not alone :) hahaha

    Hi Marge, thanks. I tried to click the link to your blog but I couldn't find it :( What's the name of the spray? let me know please. thanks :)

    Thanks Donnarence :)

  8. Thanks Dang, we have the same dilemma pala sa hair, but yup you're right I thinks its better that way than to have it rebonded from time to time. hehehe

    Hi Aizel, thanks :)

    Thanks Mrs. Martinez :)

  9. beautiful dress.xx

  10. ey there, my apologies for not coming back here sooner.
    this is what i meant. i think i saw this in rustan's and SM at the Jonathan kiosk shelf/stand thing.

    good luck to us, whilst my hair stopped growing longer entirely bwahahaha